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Age Related

Today we understand much more about the deterioration and vulnerability that typifies the ageing process. Ageing is an accumulation of damage in an organism over time to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs. As we grow older, our bodies’ ability to regenerate and repair starts to decline. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity in skin tone, stiff joints, loss of bone and muscle mass, deteriorate in hearing are some of the agerelated changes we will experience. As cells progressively weaken over time and die, stem cell therapy can remediate ageing. Ageing is a treatable condition. We desire not to ‘add years to life but life to years.’ Since we cannot turn back our biological age, Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Therapy is able to treat, slow and reverse age-related diseases. The earlier in life the revitalisation programme begins, the better the results are. The best time to start is after 35 years of age.

After Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Therapy, some of the benefits observed are:

•    improved mental and physical activities
•    increased vitality and metabolism
•    quality sleeping pattern
•    reduced wrinkles
•    healthier skin colour
•    enhanced blood circulation
•    improved appetite