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Stem Cell Therapy is a surgical therapeutic procedure where the implantation of stem cells from live tissue fragments of different tissues and organs is carried out as a therapy preferably in the earlier stages of the disease. Transplanted cells bring life back by replenishing or repairing the cells of damaged organs. It restores tissues and organs by stimulating the injured cells during the healing process. In other words, Stem Cell Therapy is used when conventional treatments stop being effective.


SCT has been used successfully for the past 80 years as treatment of many diseases where modern medicine cannot cure. The proof of effectiveness of Stem cell therapy is in the medical references found on PUBMED and MEDLINE of US National library of medicine in the past 15 years. A few hundred thousand Stem Cell Therapy summaries have been studied. The value of these publications become obvious when a great number of patients have been treated with promising results.


Precursor (Progenitor) stem cells after organogenesis are committed to follow a predetermined path of differentiation along the specific direction. It divides through cell division and turns to a specialised cell of the tissue of origin. It is accomplished by direct stimulation of the recipient's own malfunctioning cells. It also has the ability to replace damaged or injured cells in the human body that has been ravaged by injury or disease. Therapeutic use of stem cells has accumulated sufficient data to ensure its safety to mankind.