Fetal Cell Technologies International
Implantation Procedure


PRECURSOR STEM CELL (from Original Rabbits)

1) Patients consult with their respective medical doctors.

2) Doctor writes a medical summary or fills up the medical standardised
     questionnaire. Doctors can also make 1 attachment in "pdf" file or "jpeg" file
     comprising all relevant medical report if they think are of significant importance.

3) Doctor sent email to:- [email protected]

4) PSCT’s professional team analyzes the medical summary and/or medical
     questionnaire. A prescription of individualised preparation of different type of cells
     is prepared if the patient is found to be an ideal candidate for Precursor Stem Cell
     Implantation. Doctor will also be informed of otherwise.

5) Doctor consults with the patient. A decision is made to take or not to take up the
     stem cell Implantation by patient.
     Doctor will then email to [email protected] upon confirmation of

6) Full Payment made to PSCT (or Minimum: 50%) at least 20 days before carrying
     out the procedure on the pre-schedule.

7) PSCT Proprietary Primary Cell Tissue Culture harvesting commence (time frame of
    14 to 17 days preparation)

8) European Human Couriers transport down the cells from PSCT Lab/Plant from
     Vienna airport to different parts of ASIA in special packaging while maintaining the
     cells at room temperature

9) Individualised prepared cultured Precursor Stem Cells should be implanted
     on patient within 24 hours generally and not exceeding 72 hours from time of
     completion of culturing in our European Plant

10) Post Precursor Stem Cell Implantation progress report in 3.5 months to 4
       months from Doctor to PSCT coordinating team for evaluations as well as
       database updating.